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Tanya MoberlyFresh Brewed: Tales From the Coffee Bar

Don’t Tell Mama 
New York, NY

CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE #081002 – Monday, October 6, 2008Cabaret is not simply a lady in a black sparkly dress standing in front of a piano singing into a microphone. The term is far more inclusive than that. And this fact is proved by a cabaret experience I had on Friday night, October 3rd at DON’T TELL MAMA.

It was of the most unique cabaret experiences I have had all year (so far). I am talking about Tanya Moberly’s “FRESH BREWED – TALES FROM THE COFFEE BAR.” The show consists of 8 short comedies by Henry Meyerson with songs by Ani Di Franco, and features William DeMeritt, Stephanie Johnson, Tanya Moberly and Daniel Ruth, with Scott Ethier at the piano. It was an incredible 55-minute show that held my interest every minute. These eight short vignettes, with four actors playing various roles, were real “slice of life” and so fascinating, you had the impression that maybe 15 or so actors were taking part. Each segment was introduced by a song or a verse from a song by Ani DiFranco hauntingly sung by Ms. Moberly – only three songs were actually used. Now most of the characters in the stories were quirky and strange, but no stranger than the characters we run into every day on the bus, on the subway, or at Starbucks (or even in a cabaret room or piano bar). The real and the surreal were interspersed throughout. I love good writing as much as I love good songwriting, so it was double my pleasure this time out. Ms. Moberly directed the show resulting in a crisp and insightful production.

This is not quite a “family show” so parents be advised. But it is a comic evening with a twist – there are truly thoughtful insights interspersed with the clever, humorous dialogue (and Tanya’s vocals are oh so expressive). You have three more chances to catch this: Saturday October 11th at 7:30 pm; Sunday, October 12th at 7:00 pm; and Saturday, October 18th at 7:30 pm at DON’T TELL MAMA. Truly, not to be missed!

Stu Hamstra