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After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Award-winner Tanya Moberly prepares to record live CD.

By: Stephen Mosher Sep. 16, 2023

Tanya Moberly To Record I LOVE NEW YORK SONGWRITERS In Performance at Don't Tell Mama

Multiple Award winning Performer/Producer/Director Tanya Moberly will appear at legendary nightspot Don’t Tell Mama this fall to perform and record two shows that are audience favorites: I LOVE NEW YORK SONGWRITERS PART I AND PART II. Moberly will be accompanied by Music Director Steven Ray Watkins on piano, Matt Scharfglass on bass, and Bradley Bosenbeck on Violin. Performance dates for I LOVE NEW YORK SONGWRITERS PART I are October 6th and 20th at 7 PM. Dates for PART II are November 3rd and 17th at 7 PM. There is a $20 minimum per person (must include two drinks) and NO COVER. A food menu is available. Don’t Tell Mama is a CASH ONLY room, located at 343 West 46th Street, and reservations are only available online at:     SHE HOPES TO SEE YOU ALL!

An audio crew will record all shows, which Tanya will release as a double CD in 2024.

“A powerhouse performer.”  – Broadway World

“A comic master.” – Bart Greenberg, Cabaret Scenes

Tanya Moberly recently waged a successful Kickstarter Campaign to finance, release and promote the recordings of I LOVE NEW YORK SONGWRITERS PART I AND PART II. The shows consist of 45 songs by NYC writers she has met through her work as a singer and producer, many of them through The Salon, NYC’s most award-winning open mic created by Mark Janas, which she has been producing for 15 years. She has personally won 6 MAC Awards as producer.

Songwriters represented in the shows include familiar names such as Grammy Winner Julie Gold, Journalist/Songwriter David Hajdu, Jill Sobule, the late Francesca Blumenthal and 2x Grammy Award Nominee Larry Kerchner. A complete alphabetical list of songwriters appears on page 2 of this release.

“I am in love with New York, and I know or have known every one of the writers on this project whose work I’m still thrilled to perform after all these years. I love them all, admire them so much, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to record their music and expose it to a wider world.” – Tanya Moberly

Tanya Moberly has been performing in NYC cabaret since 1997 when she co-created THE BLONDE LEADING THE BLONDE with Susan Hackett. The show ran for 8 episodes over the course of 5 years and received a MAC Award nomination for Special Production. In 2013, Tanya received a MAC Award Nomination for Best Female Vocalist for TANYA LORRAINE MOBERLY SINGS BARBRA JOAN STREISAND WITH Steven Ray Watkins. She is a 2014 Bistro Award Winner for Outstanding Theme Show and a 2014 MAC nominee for I LOVE NEW YORK SONGWRITERS. She was nominated for a MAC Award for Major Female Artist in 2021 for I LOVE NEW YORK SONGWRITERS Part II. Tanya has directed many award-winning shows for other artists in recent years, and in 2019, she won a Bistro Award as Outstanding Director.

Songwriters included by show: Part I: Jeff Blumenkrantz, Francesca Blumenthal, Tim Di Pasqua, Richie Eisenberg, Dan Furman, David Hajdu, AC Haley, Ritt Henn, Bobbie Horowitz, Nicholas Levin, Steven Lutvak, Bob McDowell, Mary Liz McNamara, Tanya Moberly, Jill Sobule, Bill Zeffiro

Part II: DC Anderson, Scott Evan Davis, Amy Engelhardt, Meg Flather, Julie Gold, David Hajdu, Ritt Henn, Rick Jensen, Ray Jessel, Larry Kerchner, Marc McBarron Kessler, Lina Koutrakos, Annie Lebeaux, Rosemary Loar, Rev Yolanda Mapes, Andy Marino, Mary Liz McNamara, Renee Rosnes, Tracy Stark, Greg Taylor, Darnell White, Bill Zeffiro.

Visit Tanya Moberly Online HERE.

Tanya Moberly To Record I LOVE NEW YORK SONGWRITERS In Performance at Don't Tell Mama