Tanya Moberly: 2003-Present – New York Director/Producer for: True Colors



Add Excitement with the True Colors Live Show!

If you are looking for a fun, exciting way to add interaction and entertainment to your meeting, conference or special event while your participants learn valuable concepts the True Colors LIVE SHOW is your answer!

For over 28 years True Colors has performed thousands of Live Show Events for every kind of audience imaginable. A truly effective way to fully experience and understand the True Colors methodology is through a Live Show Event.

truecolors2 The True Colors LIVE SHOW Process Four True Colors actors portray four specific personality types as the players act out short vignettes showing how hilarious our interactive everyday experiences can be at home and at work. As the show opens, each attendee receives his or her own True Colors “Casting Kit” consisting of four cards with a picture depicting the activities of each personality on one side and a verbal description on the back. The cards help the participants identify their own primary color (personality style) as the True Colors actors arrive on stage. The script provides a comedy-style presentation, which immediately captivates the entire audience.

truecolors2 Customized for Your Event These interactive and lively “Edutainment” performances are customized for the organization or theme, allow participants to experience aspects about “who we all are” in a lighthearted theatrical presentation that will have everyone laughing as they recognize themselves and others. The door of understanding each other opens as everyone gains new insights into their own communication style and why others act as they do. The True Colors LIVE SHOW can be a stand-alone performance or include small group activities in which Participants invited to join their “color group” to determine their strengths and stressors and the groups are reunited to apply the information in group interaction. You can also use the True Colors LIVE SHOW to kick off a full spectrum of other True Colors trainings for your organization that include Additional Applications such as Teambuilding, Communication, Wellness and others.

Casts There are currently eight theatrical casts, located in California, New York, Texas, Florida, Chicago, Oregon, Puerto Rico, and Canada who perform this Live Show for:

  • Keynotes
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Conference Entertainment Shows
  • Other Special Events including corporate picnics and icebreakers.

Live Show Directors and Casts:

Letitia Fox – Executive Producer – Carrie Bourne – Texas Director Jacki McGlanahan – Canada Director Michael Whrli – Producer Tanya Moberly – New York Director Marnie Olson – California Director Lisa Linke – Illinois Director

truecolors2 Testimonials

ESPN – “I wanted to follow up and thank you for your great work and effort in helping us kick off our 2006 ESPN Mentor Program on June 23, 2006. The True Colors Edutainment presentation was right on point in getting this year’s nine month program off to a great start. Your ability to customize the program and demonstration of flexibility with very little lead time was greatly appreciated. We look forward to working with True Colors in the future. Thank you again for a job well done.”  –Denise Leopoldino, Program Manager, Work/Life ASTD – “What a fantastic and well-received performance True Colors puts on! As an opening keynote for our all day conference, True Colors started the day off on the right foot. Highly energetic and engaging, they gave us a unique way of getting to know one another and kept us talking about it all day long. No need for ice breakers when True Colors is invited to the table. They make the concept of “type” easy to understand and utilize as a tool for understanding each other. I highly recommend their cast and their program. They were easy to work with, fun to be around, and they receive raving reviews!” –Kathryn H. Rippy, 2009 President-Elect, American Society of Training and Development, San Diego Chapter Principal, Migliore Consulting Services

Schedule the LIVE SHOW If you want your group to interact better with others and leave your event wanting more, you need to schedule a True Colors Live Show Event for your next conference, seminar program, teambuilding program, holiday party, or special event. (Edutainment) Events are presented as a three (3) hour interactive Live Show Event or a one and one-half (1 + ½) hour Keynote Show.

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